Here be a dissolute alley in the nightmare from which we are trying to escape

This website is part of the contribution of one individual towards the summary execution of an insane world whose Physical Control in Care (PCC kills babies, P[olitical] C[orrectness] kills brain-cells) embraces everyone in a world-scale structured hug.* An essential element of this collective task involves the coordinated steps of many individuals around the world; as a result, this individual contribution itself includes the contributions of many others, some of whom are openly acknowledged, most of whom are not.

Like the author of Finding Feeling and Purpose 'It is not my intention to borrow credibility from others for my own views, nor to distort or dilute the views of others with my own. Rather my intention has been to make sense by placing many powerful ideas from different sources in a common and commonsense context. This may, I admit, obscure the origin and lineage of many concepts.'

Revolution, like every other human endeavour in the modern world, is based on plagiarism and theft: the seizure and use, without warning, permission or acknowledgment, of the entire intellectual and material inheritance of all the dead generations (all social as well as all natural creation) without which none of the materials & tools essential to the activity of living individuals and groups would even exist. The life-activity of human beings, which collectively constitutes the productive force of the planet, is based on practices which are, due to the irrational social relations inherited from the old world, formally prohibited. 

No individual, nor any class of individuals, invented this prohibition. Property was invented countless times in countless places throughout time and space. The conditions from which it arose involved material scarcity (whether it be waterholes 'owned' by the Dobe Kung bushmen of the Kalahari or the cattle owned by the Bedouin of the Sinai) together with the possibility for isolated groups to satisfy their needs independently of all others. For the vast majority of the planet, most of whose population now inhabits urban areas dominated by an exceedingly complex division of labour, such conditions no longer exist. Inseparable inter-relation of all individuals around the world regarding satisfaction of all needs, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, is now the rule. 

Since such an archaic prohibition as the property-taboo is utterly impossible to impliment in practice, it is selectively applied. Only a certain class of individuals is lawfully permitted to plaigarise and steal (in other words to practice intellectual and material expropriation). Since the work of such a puny minority could never produce enough to satisfy the needs of all, the majority are recruited to do the work for them, but are not allowed to hold onto the fruits of their labour, nor are they to determine the direction, conditions, form or content of their own work. They are legally separated from their children at birth, and have no influence on their education and upbringing. This is the legal definition of alienation: 'The transfer of the ownership of property rights'. Should any resist, the forces of order are there to exert their gentle persuasion. 

This is the world in which we find ourselves: the idiot bastard child of an incestuous liason between the traditional and the modern, where the best elements of the new are enslaved to the worst elements of the ancient. Property is irrational plagiarism and theft. It is the madness at the base of all method. It is sensuous productivity mediated through senseless & destructive means. Its results are all around us.

The true object at the heart of the vast collective quest of which this website is one fragmentary episode is the complete obliteration of all obstacles to a world shaped by sensible productivity & productive sensibility. It uses means appropriate to its objective.

This site is currently divided into the following sections:

Love Letters Journal #1

First number from a journal with neither journalists, journalism or any pre-determined journey, put together 2012/13. For those with nowhere to go but around. Its four-point program reads as follows:

'And to write again
In letters of fire
That loveless law
Of antagonism'

"Mandela Can Go To Hell!"

Second number of Love Letters journal, for the year 2013/2014. Produced by the Life Unrest Celebration Ministry

Love Letters #3

Third number, 2014/2015

The Universal History Gymnasium

An attempt to put archival material to revolutionary use. It contains, among other things, an online repository for images gathered by three Southern African artists who flourished in the first half of the previous century: the ethnogropher George Stowe, the painter Barbara Tyrrell and the photographer Alfred Duggan-Cronin

Anti-Utopia in The Era of Micro-Electronic Reproduction

Bold adventures in unknown territory meant to re-emphasise, through concrete examples, the possibility pointed out by DH Lawrence in his introduction to the 1st American edition of his New Poems: 'We can break the neck of habit.'

Heart-brain Drum-language

Selected correspondence 

* * *

Everything here is a work in progress. Texts published here may be published in other forms & other media such as posters, films, magazines, pamphlets, newspapers. Anything could be altered at any time, with or without acknowledgement. Although the predominant tendency towards closure (and with a false sense of objective authority) currently plagues the written word -- a product of its history which until very recently has made alteration and reproduction a very laborious, and therefore uncommon, process -- this project aims at precisely the opposite. It aims to use the potential of new technology to better convey a sense of the open, the unfinished, the unfolding dynamic of creation and destruction whose movement abolishes all existing conditions.

*  "The director of a privately-run secure training unit where a teenager died said the use of physical restraint on young inmates who disobeyed orders was lawful at the time. Trevor Wilson-Smith, who described the practice as a “structured hug”, told an inquest yesterday: “If there was any doubt, I would not have done it.” He said restraints could be used to “maintain compliance”, despite appearing in breach of the unit’s contract with the Youth Justice Board, his own rules and those governing the use of what is known as physical control in care (PCC)...

Mr Wilson-Smith was giving evidence at a hearing in Easington into the death of Adam Rickwood, 14, who became the youngest person to die in custody in modern times when he was found hanged in his room at the unit in August 2004. Adam was left with a bleeding nose hours earlier after a now-illegal nose distraction method – which involves a short sharp burst to the base of the nose with two fingers – was used on him while he was carried face-down to his cell by four officers. The inquest has heard that he had been restrained for refusing to obey an order to go to his room after a dispute, but was not being violent.

The jury has been told that secure training centre rules governing PCC allowed it in only specific circumstances – to prevent trainees from escaping custody, from harming themselves or others or causing damage to property. But Mr Wilson-Smith said the use of physical restraint was widely used in secure training centres at the time and had been sanctioned by the Youth Justice Board."

-- The Northern Echo, 21 January 2011

Copyright Statement 

This site contains copyrighted material, the use of which is not always acknowledged or authorized. 

We are making such material available in an effort to advance understanding in unitary urbanism, ecology, the revolutionary critique of political-economy, psychological and biological needs and desires, philosophical anthropology, military strategy, as well as fundamental research into historical change, the form and content of conscious and unconscious mental processes, as well as various other spheres of life whose apprehension in their many-sided aspects are of vital interest to the international community. 

We believe this constitutes a "fair dealing" of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Chapters 12 & 18 of the South African Copyright Act of 1978 (Act 98 of 1978, including subsequent amendments). 

In accordance with Section (1)(a) of Chapter 12, the material on these sites are used strictly for purposes of advanced research, pure and applied. In accordance with Section (1)(c)(ii) this research is publicised by means of broadcast technology, namely a website on a digital telecommunications network. 

Chapter 18 asserts that the relevant provisions of chapter 12 shall apply mutatis mutandis to broadcast works, such as images broadcast through a world-wide telecommunications network.  

We encourage readers to examine the material thus used in its original context, in order to understand the full significance of our own research. We are sure that the producers would prefer their creations to be known, whereas some corporate copyright holders may not be so open-minded (driven by desires for more profit), intent to brand the labour of their workers as exclusively owned by themeslves. Knowledge is profitable, and abracadabra: a privatized human creation! Thanks again, to our dear "Mr. Capital" and "Ms. Commodity"; the more life-like they become, the less so we remain. 

Better than soccer: "Humanity will never be happy until the last hour of work is necklaced beside the guillotined corpse of the last commodity."